The Rehabilitation of the Human Spirit
When a thetan believes too thoroughly he is a body, he is generally unhappy, afraid, doubts his own (and validates the body’s) existence and worries about his inabilities. When he is out of the sphere of influence of the body (a very small one) he becomes serene, confident and knowing. He can handle a body better, can act faster, can recall more and do more while exteriorized than he can while in a body.

Society, thirsting for more control of more people substitutes religion for the spirit, the body for the soul, an identity for the individual and science and data for truth. In this direction lies insanity, increasing slavery, less knowingness, greater scarcity and less society. (And by knowingness, we mean the capability to know truth.)

Scientology has opened the gates to a better world. It is not a psychotherapy. It is a body of knowledge which, when properly used, gives freedom and truth to the individual.

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